Welcome to Baldwin Christian School 

There are a few fundamental questions that every parent must ask when considering where and how to educate his or her child:

1)      Who will be teaching my child?

2)      What exactly does the school teach?

3)      Why does the school do what it does?  

You won’t find bells and whistles on this website, but you will find answers to these fundamental questions. 

Academic Excellence from Preschool through High School 

At Baldwin Christian School we hold a distinctly Christian worldview. Our students are taught that truth exists, that it comes from God, and that it is worth pursuing. Through the integration of learning and faith, the students of Baldwin Christian School are equipped to further the cause of Christ with integrity and excellence.

We are committed to applying the truth of Scripture to every area of our curricula and to training children to think Biblically in every area of life. We choose excellent classroom materials and assign readings from original sources. Students are taught to interpret what they read in the light of scripture.

Our multiage classrooms offer students the opportunity to receive instruction based upon their ability and not solely upon their chronological age. We expose students to a broad range of peer interaction and support, which enhances their abilities to relate to a wide range of ages.

National testing isn't the only indicator of a school's success. As a school we seek to instill a love of learning and the development of Godly character. However, even though we don't focus on high test scores, our students regularly test significantly higher than their peers. Over the last five years our students had ACT scores five points higher than the national average. Moreover, our students test significantly higher in every indicator of college readiness from reading to math and from science to grammar. 

Baldwin Christian School is a member of ACCS