We are glad that you are interested in pursuing employment at our school! We are looking for Christ followers who are passionate about learning and who want to share their knowledge, faith, and enthusiasm with our students. Specifically, an interested candidate should have the following qualifications:

  • Be a professing and practicing Christian.
  • Have the character to wisely, patiently, and joyfully shepherd, disciple, and discipline students.
  • Be willing to continue education whether independently, at conferences, or in meetings led by the headmaster.
  • Have a college degree.
  • Have a passion for and knowledge of his or her specific subject matters. *(We are a classical school and as such our focus is on the humanities and our students study Latin. Lower level elementary teachers should either know Latin or be willing to learn it; upper level elementary and middle school teachers must have a background in Latin as well as a strong background in the humanities; high school teachers must be proficient in their subject matter(s).) 
  • Though not required, an ideal candidate would be classically educated or have experience as a teacher in a classical school.

We currently an opening for a part-time music teacher. If you have any questions or if you would like to send us a résumé, please contact the Headmaster directly at MonteKnetter@gmail.com