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One of the easiest ways you can help out BCS is to enroll in Scrip. 

How does Scrip work? BCS carries a number of cards from a wide variety of popular businesses and vendors. You as a parent, student, or friend of the school can buy these gift cards at face value. Every time you buy a gift card the vendor or business donates a percent of your purchase to BCS! For example, say you buy a $100 gift card for groceries and that grocery store donates 5% to BCS. In purchasing that gift card, you donated $5 to BCS and it cost you nothing! When you go out to shop, you still have the full $100 on your gift card. 

That sounds easy, but why should I use Scrip? Imagine if you used Scrip to buy all the things you normally buy throughout the year—from groceries, to gas, from clothing, to books and videos, and dinners out at restaurants . . . you alone would raise a tremendous amount for the school, and it wouldn't cost you a thing! Now imagine if everyone here bought and used Scrip.... Imagine if grandparents and friends bought and used Scrip.... We could easily raise thousands upon thousands of dollars with little effort and no cost! This money could in turn be used to improve our school in countless ways. 

OK I'm convinced, but how do I buy Scrip? Great news, buying Scrip is easy! There are a couple of ways you can do this. You can use one of the links on this page to get to the Scrip page and set up an account. (To set up an account you will need the school code. Email Nicole Roloff at to get the school code).  Alternatively, you can email your order directly to However you make your purchases, BCS will make sure you get your cards.  If you have any more questions about this please contact Nicole Roloff at

Click here to Shop with Scrip