Greetings from the Headmaster

I am excited to be here at Baldwin Christian School! From the fresh faces in our Kindergarten to our wizened seniors the school is full of another great cohort of students.

Whether you are just checking out this webpage for the first time or your youngest child is a graduating senior, I want you to know what makes Baldwin Christian School such a special place.

Here at Baldwin we hold our students to high expectations and do all that we can to help them attain their academic potential. Though academic excellence isn’t our only goal, we consistently have students that outperform their peers.

More important than this achievement is the inculcation of Christian character. It doesn’t take a PhD to realize that there is a lot of darkness in the world. Here at Baldwin Christian School we seek to train our students to walk in the light and overcome the darkness. In a world that is driven by sound bites and emotion, we are committed to teaching our students to discover and examine unspoken premises and critically evaluate their implications. In a society that tells young people to follow their hearts and do whatever feels good, we teach our young men and women to seek what is True, Good, and Beautiful. And in a country where self-expression on social media is synonymous with identity, we seek to help our students develop a self worth expressing.

This may sound a bit abstract. Put concretely, I would consider the following three things to encapsulate and sum up the core of what we are about as a school.

  1. Our ultimate goal here at Baldwin Christian School is that your children will know the Truth. The goal of education is to know the Truth, but many are ignorant of or in rebellion against the Truth. We recognize and proclaim that the fullest revelation of Truth is found in Jesus Christ and seek to help our children to accept this Truth in faith.

  2. We train our students to view everything in relation to the Truth. This is not to say that our students only read Christian books, because they don’t. We don’t shelter our students from bad or false things; rather we help them to understand these things in light of who God is and who He has made them to be.

  3. At Baldwin Christian School we seek to foster an environment where kids are encouraged to walk and grow in Godliness. We do this by hiring teachers that are examples of wisdom and virtue worthy to be imitated and by holding kids accountable when they begin to stray from the narrow path.  

To put it succinctly, we want our kids to know God, to see the world from His perspective, and to live their lives in obedience to Him.

If you have any questions about who we are as a school, please contact me! I would love to meet with you in person or answer your questions in any way that I can.


-Monte Knetter