There are a number of things you can do that may not seem like much, but which do in fact significantly help the school. For example, last year we raised over $1,000 from aluminum cans alone! The following are donation items that we currently accept. 

  • Aluminum Cans: just put your cans in the caged receptacle up front (cans can be crushed).
  • Campell Labels for education: save the point coupon, not the front of the label.
  • Empty Ink cartridges 
  • Used Cell phones
  • Kemps "Give Em 5" Milk Caps and coupons. These can be found on various Kemps dairy products.
  • Box Tops for Education. These are found on General Mills Cereals and many Pillsbury and General Mills products.
  • Milk Moola labels from bagged milk and certain caps on Kwik Trip Dairy Products.

 We also have a number of fundraising activities throughout the year. 

  • Bike/Hike in May, where students can bike or hike 1-20 miles and earn tuition credit.
  • Homemade caramels in one pound boxes at Christmas time.
  • Annual banquet and dance held in the spring.

Ebenezer also has fundraisers. 

  • Fall craft sale at the Baldwin Legion (this is held the opening weekend of deer hunting season). 
  • Various Bake sales 
  • Spring auction 


If you are interested in making a direct donation please call the school at 715-648-2656 or email us at  We are dependent on generous gifts from people like you to provide quality Christian education.