Additional Educational Resources

Education is a full-time, lifelong endeavor. The question isn't if we are learning, but what we learning. We learn manners from our parents and peers, morals from what we watch and listen to, and our character is formed by our communities. There are many things we are learning without even realizing it. Knowing that we are constantly being influenced by things around us should make us want to seek to intentionally learn about things that are good, true and beautiful.  The problem is, how do we find works that embody these things?

We live in an age of an overabundance of choices—something as simple as picking out a healthy and tasty cereal can in itself be a challenge! When it comes to picking out books for our kids to read, it can be hard to know where to look. When we do look there can be so many to choose from it can be overwhelming! A great resource to help you pick out good books is the Classical Christian Education Support Loop. They have books categorized by both grade level and author. The list is long enough to give plenty of good ideas for students to pursue independent learning during weekends or school breaks, but not so long or cluttered as to overwhelm.

If you would like alternative suggestions or would like help narrowing down this list, please talk to one of the teachers or the Headmaster. 

If you as a parent are interested in learning more about classical education, a great place to start is with Dorothy Sayers's "Lost Tools of Learning." We also highly recommend Douglas Wilson's Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning. Please contact the Headmaster or stop in the office if you would like to borrow a copy of this book.